About RBR track editor needed?

Postby cricrikris » Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:21 pm

Using a "BTB" way for texturing the ground into max (one .dds for each surface) seems to work into wallaby and even in game (physics seems correct).
My question is : is there something i don't know that oblige us to use a way , or can we use single texture for each surface ? Particurlarly i know nothing about shadows creations : is it in order to be able to generate shadows that needs to be use ? Or are we not oblige to use a files ?

We are testing possibilities to use BTB as a pre modelling tool, that's why i ask this question.

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Re: needed?

Postby HONZALEK Vratislav » Tue Aug 18, 2009 2:58 pm

Hi, I dont know exactly this way (never did in BTB), but i talked with some people who did.
You can choose whatever name for your texture (e.g. :) ).
Shadows are generating from general meshes and cast shadows on ground meshes - thats important (mext generation will generate shadows from ground meshes too). Used texture dont affect this. Important in this is well set ini file (right textures in right directories with right "isitground" parameter).
But for me is better to have as much as possible surfaces in one ground texture - becouse of mapping. One surface in one texture is for me incredible mess and you will have many work with mapping and detaching objects.

More I dont know:)
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Re: needed?

Postby cricrikris » Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:43 pm

Thanks for your answer ;) !

BTB exports ground meshes by surface into .x.( 1 surface = 1 object). Mapping in automatic. You don't have choice, so you don't need to detach manualy objects by texture, it is already done.
I don't use BTB too (i prefer 3ds for the moment), but i explore possibilities to use this tool in the future in order to create standard format RBR tracks because next version of this soft could provide us good/realistic ground 3D in really few time.
I've written a maxscript to import automaticly an .x object/ground created into BTB with his .xform and apply to it a standard material, then this object/ground is ready to be exported for wallaby.
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Re: needed?

Postby Admal » Wed Aug 19, 2009 11:53 am

We use BTB and we had remap all in 3dsmax. You can´t pre-estimate which effects you will have at the end (performance, trouble). secound, if you make a track you use texture plate size 2048x2048. if you use all plates you will have 8x8 single plates (some more, for border you need only a halfe). But you must always handle 64 singel textures (yourself, wallaby self, and do all right at ini). I think that is very many potential for big trouble. third, you can´t weld this plates at 3dsmax. Every texture change (for example you make a gylly cover) you must cut out for the new texture. At the end you will have many singel meshes.

But at the moment BTB has some entrapment (for example look here: ... anels.html). the generated meshes from real terrain (for example Zaxxon methode) has a big mesh problem, not regular square polygones are generated. But this is basic necessity for generating shadows (as i know).

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Re: needed?

Postby Bostjan Berglez » Mon Sep 14, 2009 4:00 pm

cricrikris can you post your max script here? I'm very interested to import x files with your script, and not one by one by hand. Thanks in advance.
Bostjan Berglez
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Re: needed?

Postby cricrikris » Wed Sep 16, 2009 6:44 pm

It's not a final script. for the moment it permits only to import a single xfile (via xporter.dle plugin)and his xform (via the script), and apply a standard material with choosen texture. You still need to import all .x files one by one.
I have to implement some other features (as mass .x import) before distribute this script.

@lamda : any news about not regular square polygon problems into BTB ? Is it really a problem for shadows generation ? (from what i have noticed, shadows are only well detailled on the road, the near meshes are only darker or ligher, but no shadows projections on those meshes (am i right?))
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