How to scale and positioning scenary

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How to scale and positioning scenary

Postby Admal » Tue Sep 15, 2009 9:19 am

We make good scenary pictures for our track, cut out the sky and made alphachanel right. No Problem to create planes in 3dsmax, no problem to import in wallaby and its working ingame as we create. Our problem are some questions for the way to make the right lock. What is the fastest way to find out the right distance to our map, and what is the fastest way to scale it right? What is the best angle of the scenary planes (45 degree?)? What we pay heed to some other things of scenary building?

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Re: How to scale and positioning scenary

Postby Marcin Jahr » Sun Feb 21, 2016 10:58 pm

I usually do Far Scenery consisting of couple things:
- ground - should be modelled (not flat) and if it has quite big elevations changes (like mountains) - also textured with low-res textures. Something like original RBR sceneries
- some picture around the ground - as you described. I sometime skew it a little, but 45 degress is too much in my opinion.
- for open areas - I usually add some low-poly treewalls where General Mesh obviously could blink or pop-up if not shown at all. Textures here mostly are the same as on vegetation objects/treewalls.
- also some other interesting straight or slighty bended planes can be added at distance - with pictures of fields, forests, city picture (?) and so on :)

The ground does not have to touch the "around" scenery - it depends on what you want to see in game and has to be tested after the track is ready with cameras and stuff.
I think the scenery "ground" (under the Ground Meshes) is important because as far as I know it's the only thing that gives reflections on car bumpers etc. in game. Or - only with that scenery General Meshes will work for reflections.

The original RBR sceneries were very big in comparision to tracks' ground meshes and they were placed relatively low. You can check it with 3D Ripper program. The first frame will load what's visible within RBR's LOD (around 600-700 meters around camera) plus... the whole Scenery! (since Far Scenery is always 100% rendered in game, even when Clipping Planes are used)

I don't know if the scenery must be placed that low. The more important aspect for me is to make scenery like oval or circle that has it's edges approximately at similar distance from driving area (let's say 300-500 meter tolerance). You must remember about weather settings in TrackSetting.ini, where some (strange, not fully unrevealed or understable) values can destroy visually every most beatiful Far Scenery... :)

And final thing for now - the fog in weather settings works on Far Scenery too. Since our sceneries seem to be smaller than original RBR's - fog distances should be reduced. Some try-and-error work, but I found some nice settings that work for me.
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