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Re: Multiple physics

Postby cricrikris » Wed Mar 10, 2010 6:58 pm

eno72 wrote:thanks for the info.
There is another interesting thing related to the col file (or maybe not) that I would like to understand: in RBR there are invisible collisions to prevent going too far or into the scenery. The surface of these collisions is not hard as to damage the car. Furthermore, very often these collisions trigger the "call for help".
Does anyone know if it is sufficient to use a particular surface ID for these collisions or is it something more complicated?

I don't think that those "soft" collisions are allowed into wallaby and so they are not possible into new track with current wallaby version (i think pribram haven't those collisions). If you find how to make those collisions, please let me know ;)

To finish with .col, i've managed to use 32 differents textures (that is to say 32 differents 3ds standards materials) for ground meshes (so 32 differents objects), and no problem into wallaby for .lbs, .mat or .col, and it work perfectly into game.
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Re: Multiple physics

Postby etisoppo » Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:34 am

Alright, I finally have a resolution to this problem ;)
I will show step-by-step:

1) Import stage (File -> New, THEN Tools -> Mesh importer). Select Ground..., etc.
2) Add start position, driveline, finish area, etc.
3) Open mat editor (Tools -> Material editor OR just the ToolStrip icon). Zoom to grass from and paint it with grass physics. Add mat ID 1 and zoom to gravel and paint it with gravel physics. Close mat editor.
4) When exporting, uncheck col and ini. Then go through wizard and export it.
5) Reload stage. So File -> New, Yes to "...delete existing objects?" Import stage again.
6) Open mat editor and click Load .mat. Change to ID where there is gravel physics applied. It will have been changed to tarmac some time during the export. Re-paint it with gravel physics again. Then save and replace old .mat.
7) Export col file (File -> Export project to RBR). Select only Fixed collisions (.col), select track ground x file, etc. and export.
8) Drive stage with multi physics :D

Hope this helps someone. It baffled me for months. Now I can focus on other problems :P
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Re: Multiple physics

Postby Admal » Mon Jun 14, 2010 11:14 am

hello there,

Since friday i have a big problem. My quick and dirty physics working right to friday. I don´t change anything on mat file but in rbr i have only gras (mat id 0). All others are ignore, get allways id 0 physics. if i channge id 0 to another physic like tarmac, all was tarmac now. i try 6 hour last weekend, but i cant find mistake (try to create groundmesh and col new, check textures, try to use only groundmesh, use same mesh for groundmesh and col and something more).
i cant make trackimport new, because i plant much moveable objects (every who did, know the mess).

Is someone able to help me?

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Re: Multiple physics

Postby delu77 » Mon Jun 14, 2010 3:21 pm

Hi mate,
I can't quite understand... :?:
If I am right, try to generate more than a single ID for your material...or if you want I can manage it for you ;)


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Re: Multiple physics

Postby Admal » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:27 am

i did more than an single id. today i use 13 but only 4 for road plate. at the end i will have maybe 40 (i hope i can manage).

Where is ground physic written? only on col file or trk too?. I m searching for my mistake, maybe my step range is wrong or after create mat it is no texture change on groundmes possible? I try to make new mat copied from clear project, but same all id gets physic from id 0.

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Re: Multiple physics

Postby Admal » Wed Jun 30, 2010 11:10 am

after 14 Days 2h daily testing i can reanimate a little bit older version with working physics and last groundmesh/textures. I don´t know the reason and i don´t know what had reanimate. I surpose it was a wrong setting on panda export but im not sure.

Now we make physics before do next on moveable objects. I hope that was the last lost month for project.

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Re: Multiple physics

Postby Admal » Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:21 am

Now i´m sure, lost physics is an export problem. yesterday i lost physic only on one plate, after make new .X files for groundmesh it is working right yet.

Some question about Materials/physics.
I made 89 material id, find no problem with it. I made one id for one Square road plate.
Is that to much?
There are another problems known (later effect)?
Does Materials like "water collision" or "metal" a effect yet?
Whats about special track physics like "br_......." are they different from first similar in list?

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