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SS Ul.Rajdowa + R
NGP 7.2 Physics

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KORAL Vaclav

NGP 7.2

On Monday 9th, I will update NGP physics to version 7.2.771.469.
The installation guide is the same as for NGP 7.1, you can find it here. I will upgrade the physics on existing tournaments.

Update: The most actual version NGP 7.2.773.479 is deployed now

10.11.2023 (KORAL Vaclav)

Zlin SS1 Preview

Greetings! I'm excited to introduce the Zlín SS1 stage for its first test run, the iconic rally stage which hardly needs any introduction.
The version you can try out is labeled as a "Preview" because it's missing some elements like spectators, replays, or wet surfaces.
The final touches won't be too demanding, but their completion will depend on your support (see details below).

I must say I had an absolute blast working on the track, especially due to some spectacular associated tasks (like taking photos of drain covers), and all of this in my hometown! So, it's always held a superspecial place in my heart :). Of course, it's not surprising that the initial excitement waned a bit when it came to modeling the 110th building...
Because the stage never obtained any sponsors, I also had to dedicate time to other projects, which stretched the development period to a whopping 7 years... So completing Zlín, for me, is truly a testament of determination, patience, and quite a significant investment – approximately 2 years of non-stop work.

Hence, I'm hoping you'll understand that I'd like to attempt to offset some of my costs with your assistance through a crowdfunding campaign.

I've set the conditions so that for now, you can only run the track in rallies that I've created.
As soon as the target amount is reached on our website, the track will be fully unlocked – for your online rallies and the shakedown too.

To each and every one of you who decides to "buy me a drink" in appreciation for these years of effort, I'm incredibly grateful.
This goes as well to all those who have already contributed during the development process! Your support will also enable me to prioritize further developments for you, the RBR community, over commercial projects. I can guarantee that all new tracks will also be made available on the CZ plugin.
If each of you makes a contribution to our crowdfunding campaign, the track will be unlocked within a matter of days. Furthermore, for higher contributions, you can even have your personal character on the track, your flag waving on a bus stop, a banner, and more (clicking on Donate will display all available options).

Enjoy the stage and thank you!

For unlocking & completion Zlín SS1:
Questions and offers:
Zlín SS1's FB page:
Next development news:

24.08.2023 (Jan Kaderabek)

Bohemia E-Sport Virtual Rally 2023

Again, this year we host
Official page | Tournament | Shakedown | Forum

28.06.2023 (KORAL Vaclav)

NGP 7.1

NGP physics was be updated to version 7.1.767.450.
You can find the installation guide here.
Update: The current NGP 7.1 version is 7.1.769.452.

07.02.2023 (KORAL Vaclav)

2. eSport Futures Contproduct Rally Morava 2022

The seventh and the last venue this year of
Big Shock! MMCR Online Rally 2022
under Autoklub CR
will be
2. eSport Futures Contproduct Rally Morava 2022

Cup | Web page | Tournament | Forum

16.09.2022 (KORAL Vaclav)

Service Zone

A long time ago, we had an idea to implement liaisons, like in a "real" rally. For various reasons, the project was never finished; some parts were reused as "normal" tracks Hradek / Liptakov.
But the other parts of rally life, like driving around the service park / parc ferme / time controls, the ceremonial start and so on, were stashed and never released.
Vaclav Sourek was so kind to gather those fragments and asked me to release them. They will never be part of any "official" rally, but if it makes you happy to check it - or maybe, making some doughnuts before the ramp to celebrate your victory...

Merry Christmas and happy New Year!

16.09.2022 (KORAL Vaclav)

3. Barum Czech Rally Zlin Online

The sixth venue of
Big Shock! MMCR Online Rally 2022
under Autoklub CR
will be
3. Barum Czech Rally Zlin Online

Cup | Web page | Tournament | Forum

03.08.2022 (KORAL Vaclav)

NGP 7.0

NGP physics was be updated to version 7.0.764 and FixUp plugin to version
!!! CAUTION !!! According to release notes, they can be used only together, one without the other will not work.

19.07.2022 (KORAL Vaclav)

2. Lak Racing Rally Plzen 2022

The fifth venue of
Big Shock! MMCR Online Rally 2022
under Autoklub CR
will be
2. Lak Racing Rally Plzen 2022

Cup | Web page | Tournament | Forum

04.07.2022 (KORAL Vaclav)

Discord chat server

As you probably have already noticed, we have a new RBR Discord Chat server.
Big thanks to Martin Spergl for his work!

15.06.2022 (KORAL Vaclav)


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