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Cup WRSMP 2016
1.Poland MASIAREK Jakub360
2.Poland POCZWARDOWSKI Hubert319
3.Poland MAJERSKI Mateusz261
4.Poland CHRASCINA Mariusz242
5.Poland CHOROBIK Dawid235
6.Poland WACH Tomek209

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SS Vicar
SS Mitterbach
SS Lucéram - Col Saint-Roch
SS Sturec Snow II
SS Sturec Snow

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KORAL Vaclav

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Rallye Pokuston
Test pro Pavla, nove trate
15.2.2011 21:45 - 21.2.2011 23:59
RZ/SS 9 - Sikakama II
Results for class (group): H
surface new and dry, good weather, early evening, hazy, partialy cloudy
10.2 km
All / WRC N4 S2000 S1600 A8 A7 A6 A5 N3 H 
PreviousSS 9After SS 9
Diff 1.
Diff bef.
KOR marek
Renault 5 GT Turbo
Ford Escort Mk2 GrH
Diff 1.
Diff bef.
KOR marek
Renault 5 GT Turbo
Ford Escort Mk2 GrH

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NameSSDesription / reason
Russian Federation Pakichev Daniil1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic SERBAUM Ondrej1Crashed on SS 1
Argentina Facundo Illescas1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic VYSUSIL Pavel1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic MATUSU Jiri1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic RANDYSEK Roman1Crashed on SS 1
Slovakia GALDUN Denis1Crashed on SS 1
Hungary rightnww1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic BARTA Roman1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic TOMANEC Roman1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic ken block-subaru team1Crashed on SS 1
Poland M.Sarapata1Crashed on SS 1
Austria gz931Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic STOCHL Jiri1Crashed on SS 1
Poland SZYMONIAK Piotr1Crashed on SS 1
Ukraine GRUSNY Sergey1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic SIMONEK Jiri1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic KUBIN Dominik1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic KRAMER Jiri1Crashed on SS 1
Belarus SOBOLEV Ilia1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic maaslo1Crashed on SS 1
Japan hideo ishizaki1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic KUTIL Martin1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic VRANA Martin1Crashed on SS 1
Slovenia LEMUT Matej1Crashed on SS 1
Poland Paweł Moskwa1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic Petrdnx1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic KOZA Ludvik1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic MARTINEK Toncek1Crashed on SS 1
Czech Republic PROCHAZKA Ales2Crashed on SS 2
Spain pablo feito2Crashed on SS 2
Sweden Carl Eriksson2Did not start to SS 2
Czech Republic HADAS Radek2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic SIMEK Jakub2Crashed on SS 2
Slovakia Y.O.G.I2Crashed on SS 2
KOPIYA Denis2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic Marek Soucha2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic BERAN Miroslav2Crashed on SS 2
Germany ARIrallyeART2Crashed on SS 2
Dido lloku sport2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic Pavel Stein2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic Janků Daniel (CZ)2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic Halik Fera2Crashed on SS 2
Russian Federation D_Abumov2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic Petr Kristof2Crashed on SS 2
Estonia SULUSTE Priit2Crashed on SS 2
Spain ALVAREZ Iago2Did not start to SS 2
krzychu2Did not start to SS 2
Spain INFANTE Pedro2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic SEVCIK Michal2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic KUNST Jakub2Crashed on SS 2
Poland Majkel6002Did not start to SS 2
Czech Republic ROBERT KURFÜRST2Crashed on SS 2
Poland SWISZCZ MIchal2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic ZUBICEK Michal2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic CHYTIL Radek2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic TITZ Petr2Crashed on SS 2
Czech Republic KLIVAR Rostislav2Crashed on SS 2
Poland Ushko3Crashed on SS 3
Poland LEGUT Krzysztof3Crashed on SS 3
Czech Republic CIKRLE Patrik3Crashed on SS 3
Czech Republic HAJEK Filip3Crashed on SS 3
Spain Nauzet del Rosario3Crashed on SS 3
Latvia CIMDINS Kristers3Crashed on SS 3
Czech Republic Zdanysek3Did not start to SS 3
Czech Republic ZACEK Michal3Crashed on SS 3
Spain arriemos3Crashed on SS 3
Czech Republic PETRAS Marek3Crashed on SS 3
Czech Republic TRIBUCEK Radek3Crashed on SS 3
Spain LEIRO Adrian3Crashed on SS 3
Czech Republic BABAK Oldrich3Crashed on SS 3
Poland Chwala Sebastian3Did not start to SS 3
Portugal LMMC724Crashed on SS 4
Czech Republic MIKEL Dan4Crashed on SS 4
Poland Robert Puffi4Crashed on SS 4
Germany Bassi4Crashed on SS 4
Slovenia SOLAR Mitja4Crashed on SS 4
Czech Republic TRNKA Patrik4Crashed on SS 4
Czech Republic ZVEJSKA Jarda4Crashed on SS 4
Poland Korzeniowski4Crashed on SS 4
japoska cz4Crashed on SS 4
Estonia Talis Thal4Crashed on SS 4
Poland WACH Tomek4Crashed on SS 4
Poland M.Zylka [PL]4Crashed on SS 4
Germany MAXRALLYE.jimdo.com4Crashed on SS 4
Poland slawo4Did not start to SS 4
Ukraine GAVINSKI Viktor5Did not start to SS 5
racingr5Crashed on SS 5
Russian Federation Soldatenko Alexey5Crashed on SS 5
Poland komur5Crashed on SS 5
Poland SIERADZKI Lukasz5Crashed on SS 5
Ireland anker835Crashed on SS 5
Vinceton5Crashed on SS 5
Czech Republic IZACH Vratislav5Crashed on SS 5
Czech Republic BICEK Krystof5Crashed on SS 5
Czech Republic Jan Kulhánek5Did not start to SS 5
Czech Republic HARŠÁNI Zdeněk5Did not start to SS 5
Czech Republic KOTAL Martin5Crashed on SS 5
Maksym.wrc6Did not start to SS 6
Czech Republic Vampir6Crashed on SS 6
Portugal Andre Batista6Crashed on SS 6
Poland Hooba6Crashed on SS 6
Czech Republic RUMAN Mara6Crashed on SS 6
Czech Republic Pavelka Radim6Did not start to SS 6
Latvia LBvodka6Crashed on SS 6
Slovakia IVAN Tomáš6Crashed on SS 6
Poland Jarek Hryniuk6Crashed on SS 6
Italy SARTOR Nicola6Crashed on SS 6
Kazakstan citnikov6Crashed on SS 6
Poland Gamon Piotr6Did not start to SS 6
Poland zenon7Did not start to SS 7
Germany ZEIDLER RICO7Crashed on SS 7
Lithuania SIMELIS Ignas7Crashed on SS 7
Czech Republic Dave Mensik7Did not start to SS 7
Czech Republic VIČAN Danek7Did not start to SS 7
Poland M.SAREN7Did not start to SS 7
Estonia Rannel Pensa7Crashed on SS 7
Czech Republic MALY Vitezslav8Did not start to SS 8
Poland LUKASZEWICZ Waldemar8Crashed on SS 8
Poland MAJZNER Sebastian9Did not start to SS 9
Poland Lukas Lach9Did not start to SS 9
Kazakstan MIKHEYEV Sergey9Did not start to SS 9

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New tracks:
  • Mitterbach
  • Vicar
New track:
  • Lucéram - Col Saint-Roch
New track:
  • Sturec Snow (I + II)
New car:

  • Citroen C3 R5
Updated tracks:
  • Svince (I + II) v1.1
  • Lousada (WRC + RX + RG) v1.1
New car:
  • BMW E36 Compact F2000

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