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Poland tomasz kk (Stage 1)

Cup WRSMP 2014
1.Poland GORALIK Lukasz388
2.Poland MASIAREK Jakub277
3.Poland KUPCZAK Andrzej222
4.Poland GAZDA Piotr213
5.Poland GLEIXNER Maciek209
6.Poland WIECZOREK Dawid202

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Car admin
KORAL Vaclav

NGP Physics Released

From now, support for NGP Physics is officialy released for all users on Plugin. You can find Install guide here. There are still only 4 cars allowed, but if no serious error occures, I am going to add all other NGP cars eventually. You can download all files from here.

01.02.2015 (KORAL Vaclav)

Happy Birthday, RBR!

Maybe you have not noticed, but RBR is celebrating its 10th anniversary. And of course, there is a present... and a great one: Miro Kurek released Pikes Peak 2008. So, Happy Birthday, RBR!
02.09.2014 (KORAL Vaclav)

Aragona and Muxarello to be removed

Sadly, I must inform you I am withdrawing Aragona and Muxarello tracks from the plugin. I have been contacted by other track makers and informed that authors of Aragona and Muxarello used parts of other tracks without permission. Therefore I am disabling these tracks on our site; tournaments currently running won't be affected, but from now, these tracks will not be available for new tournaments.
04.10.2013 (KORAL Vaclav)

Track update #4

Today's track update is finished, if you haven't donwnloaded / installed last updates, you can do it now. Happy racing :)
30.09.2013 (KORAL Vaclav)

Track update #3

On Monday morning, another track update will take place. All versions of Mlynky Snow, all Peklo stages, both Sardian stages and Wisla Shakedown will be updated. You can download new versions when I publish them, but please do install them till Monday, or you won§t be able to enter tournaments containing those stages.
25.09.2013 (KORAL Vaclav)

Track update #2

On Thursday morning, another track update will take place. List of tracks to be updated: Mlynky, Mlynky 2, ROC 2008 a Casterzatto. You can download new versions right now, but please do install them till Thursday.
13.08.2013 (KORAL Vaclav)

Tracks update #1

On Friday morning, I will update some tracks with new versions. You can download new tracks in advance, but please install them just after update:
Update: New tracks are active now. The old version won't work from now.

06.08.2013 (Vaclav Koral)

Mobile Results

A new result page was released, designed for reading on mobile devices, especially smartphones. You will find it here:

24.08.2011 (KORAL Vaclav)

World Cup of Nations (WCN) 2011

Hello! Again we are on the verge of the biggest international event in the world of Richard Burns Rally for 2011. The first edition of the tournament is already behind us. Kings of RBR Poland expect new season, hoping to defend their title, and hope all the other teams to take it away. Whether they will succeed remains to be seen in the next nine months. Registrations of the teams have already started. All nations wishing to join the ride can do so by applying for participation at For more information Read the rules. Before completing the registration, each manager is required to connect to Stanimir to confirm its position as the team leader an d then get a special rank and Rights in the Forum which will be able to submit a regular listing in the special section in the forum. Licences will be given to teams submitting correct information for their pilots in registration and this will happen after 02/10/2011. I wish success to all participants in World Cup of Nations 2011, many positive emotions and most of all fun!

WCN Staff

09.02.2011 (RBR WCN Organizer)

World Cup of Nations (WCN)

WCNWorld Cup of Nations (WCN). A big event for all fans of the rally simulator is coming in 2010. This is the championship which will determine and crown the king of Richard Burns Rally. This will be one long, hard and challenging fight between the nations.World Cup of Nations will start in the second half of February and it will continue to November, when we will discover the champion. The fight will be separated in 13 rounds, according to the real FIA WRC calendar. Of course, in the end of the year a driver of the year will be determined. This is the most valuable driver, the driver who bring most points for his nation, no matter in which place is his country standing in the end of the championship. For more information please visit Host of the first edition of World Cup of Nation will be Bulgaria and the Bulgarian rallysim community.

03.01.2010 (ZUZOV Stanimir)


Server events
Please download and update physics for NGP Citroen DS3 WRC and Peugeot 206 WRC, or you would not be able to compete with them in online tournaments.
I have released update versions of Blanare I and II tracks, please download and install them.
Right now, all NGP cars are available. It's 59 cars total, 39 modern and 20 historic cars. Enjoy :)
If you heard rumors about NGP physics integration on this site, yes, it's true, I'm working on it :) But definitely it won't be ready this year. I do my best, stay tuned.
Update - Haugenau 2012 was upgraded to version 1.02, please download and install it. Changelist includes new shadows, weather, collisions and you can use this track in Shakedown mode

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