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Cup WRSMP 2016
1.Poland MASIAREK Jakub360
2.Poland POCZWARDOWSKI Hubert319
3.Poland MAJERSKI Mateusz261
4.Poland CHRASCINA Mariusz242
5.Poland CHOROBIK Dawid235
6.Poland WACH Tomek209

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Car admin
KORAL Vaclav

Website Security Test


I have deployed NGP Physics 6.0 on the server. Old NGP version 5.0.1 will be still working, but note-

You can find all neccessary files on download page
I recommend to back up files physics.rbz, plugins\PhysicsNG.dll a Cars\Cars.ini, you may need them if you want to revert to previous version.
I have not modified current tournaments, they are still using NGP 5.0.1.

18.10.2019 (KORAL Vaclav)

Web not stable

Maybe you have noticed our web pages / plugin are quite unstabile last few days, especially under high loads during evening / night. We are aware of the problem and we are doing our best to tackle it, but unfortunately, I cannot give you any exact date when it will be solved. Just for your information, the problem is solemnly with our web site, there is nothing wrong on your side.

Thanks for your understanding and patince.

UPDATE: The problem was found and hopefuly solved, the root cause was in Twitch integration. I would like to ask streamers to test it - maybe you will have to reconnect your Twitch account in driver profile.

27.09.2019 (KORAL Vaclav)

Coming up...

Maybe you already know it - a new stage from Barum Rally Zlin is coming up to RBR! And it is the very first one, the Zlin city stage. Check the project web page, the progress looks very promising!

And if you want to help Jan to finish it sooner and sent a small donation to him, he would be very grateful... and so we would, too.

31.10.2018 (KORAL Vaclav)

RBR Survey

I would like to ask you if you could fill this survey about active RBR drivers. It takes about five minutes of your time. I will publish the results here when they are available. Many thanks in advance.

27.07.2018 (KORAL Vaclav, VALENTA Frantisek Jr.)

NGP Physics 5.0

NGP 5.0

NGP physics version 5.0 was deployed. The old version of physics (4.4) is still available. And good news - the no changes in car physics or setups are necessary.

UPDATE: On Friday Dec-8th, I'm going to move all running and future tournaments to NGP 5.0. The old version will be still available, but the only supported version will be 5.0. Thanks for understanding.

UPDATE #2: Done. I have also deployed NGP 5.0.1 - if you already have NGP 5.0 installed, you only need to update your PhysicsNG.dll in plugins directory, physics.rbz is unchanged

08.12.2017 (KORAL Vaclav)

Testing Twitch integration

We are currently testing new feature: Twitch integration. If you want to stream RBR when playing tournaments with our plugin, it is just for you. What you need to do:

1) Connect your RBR account with Twitch account in profile
2) Start streaming and dont forget to set game in Twitch to "Richard Burns rally"
3) Start tournament game as usually. Then all others will see link to your channel in "On track" table on main page

Enjoy it!

Have you tried recently to watch some tournament live? And have you clicked on Twitch icon at some driver there? Try it, I think you will like it :)

09.03.2017 (Wally)

NGP Physics 4.4

NGP 4.4

On Friday Dec-30 morning, I will update NGP physics to version 4.4. The old version of physics will be available, but new cars require new physics.

Done - the changelog is here

30.12.2016 (KORAL Vaclav)

NGP Physics 4.1

NGP 4.1

On Sunday Jan-17 morning, I will update NGP physics to version 4.1. Unfortunately, I cannot support the older version of NGP Physics this time. Therefore, all drivers will have to install the new physics and update their NGP cars. I will take care of all running tournaments. If you want, you can test in advance the new cars/physics in shakedown mode, link to NGP downloads is here.

UPDATE - Done, NGP 4.1 Physics are deployed.

17.01.2016 (KORAL Vaclav)

NGP Physics 3.1

Huge update of NGP Physics and Cars:

This weekend, I'm planning to deploy a new NGP physics update, plus a massive update of NGP cars. For the list of cars going to be updated, check forum.

The new physics is already supported here, but all cars will be deployed at once at Sunday morning. Until the new cars are deployed, please choose both NGP 3.0 and 3.1 physics when you create a new tournament. I will let you know when the update is finished.

Update #1: The car pack is ready, I will deploy it here on Sunday July-26 at 7am

Update #2: Changes are deployed - 8 new cars, 34 updated. If you encounter any problems, send me a PM or write me a message on forum.

26.07.2015 (KORAL Vaclav)

NGP update

Huge update of NGP Physics:

New NGP plugin V3.0 + Fixup Plugin 2.6

Updated cars: Audi quattro A2 GrpB, Audi Sport quattro GrpB, Audi Sport quattro S1 GrpB, Citroen BX 4TC GrpB, Ford RS200 GrpB, Peugeot 205 T16 E2 GrpB, Peugeot 205 T16 GrpB, Ford Fiesta RS WRC, Hyundai i20 WRC, Ford Fiesta R5 + model, Lancia Delta HF 4WD GrpA + model, Citroen DS3 R5 to replace RRC + model

New cars: VW Polo R WRC 2015, Lancia Delta HF Integrale GrpA, Mazda 323 BF 4WD Turbo GrpA (1988 Spec), Skoda Fabia R2

28.03.2015 (KORAL Vaclav)


Server events
New cars:
  • Skoda 130 RS Grp2
  • Skoda Favorit 136 L GrpA
New cars:
  • Subaru Impreza GDA WRC2003 (S9) 2006
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X R4 (V1.2)
  • Ford Focus Mk II RS WRC 2006
  • Citroen C2 GT S1600
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS (2010) RGT (physics only)
New cars:
  • Porsche 911 SC 3.0 Grp4
  • Toyota Celica 2000GT-FOUR RC (ST185) GrpA
  • Skoda Fabia R5 evo (model)

New tracks:
  • Vinec-Skalsko
  • Vinec-Skalsko NIGHT
New cars:
  • Citroen DS3 R5
New cars:
  • Porsche 911 GT3 RS (2010) RGT

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