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Pohár NRC9
1.Česká republika KUBOVSKY Petr237
2.Česká republika KVASNICAK Miroslav174
3.Slovensko ZETAK Dennis170
4.Česká republika UHLIR Vojtech153
5.Česká republika PTACEK Martin124
6.Česká republika BURIÁNEK Tomáš119

Pohár RSC 2018
1.Slovensko ZETAK Dennis377
2.Česká republika BUJACEK Martin352
3.Česká republika SYKORA Michal343
4.Česká republika VECERA Lukas270
5.Česká republika HOFFMANN Jakub175
6.Česká republika BURIÁNEK Tomáš156

Pohár WRSMP 2016
1.Polsko MASIAREK Jakub360
2.Polsko POCZWARDOWSKI Hubert319
3.Polsko MAJERSKI Mateusz261
4.Polsko CHRASCINA Mariusz242
5.Polsko CHOROBIK Dawid235
6.Polsko WACH Tomek209

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RZ Sturec Snow II
RZ Sturec Snow

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KORAL Vaclav

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Open RBR-LT WRC 2013 - Wales Rally GB
Wales Rally GB. All info: or
20.11.2013 7:00 - 25.11.2013 23:59

Turnaj je zařazen do poháru RBR-LT (Open RBR-LT WRC 2014 championship)
Pouze jezdci nominovaní týmem
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RZ/SS 22 - Great Orme
Výpis pro třídu (skupinu): WRC
povrch nový a suchý, dobré podmínky, podvečer, před deštěm, oblačno
11.1 km
Vše / WRC N4 S2000 S1600 A8 A7 A6 A5 N3 H 
PředchozíNa RZ 22Po RZ 22
1.Česká republika
 R C 
Peugeot 307 WRC 05
WRC07:09.50 93.0
Citroen Xsara
 R C 
Ford Focus RS WRC 06
4.Russian Federation
Citroen C4 WRC 08
Ford Focus RS WRC 06
Citroen C4 WRC 08
Ford Focus RS WRC 06
VAI Tomyjus
Ford Focus RS WRC 06
Ford Focus RS WRC 06
WRC80:52.47 105.3
2.equalČeská republika
Peugeot 307 WRC 05
Ford Focus RS WRC 06
4.equalRussian Federation
Citroen C4 WRC 08
VAI Tomyjus
Ford Focus RS WRC 06
Citroen C4 WRC 08
Citroen Xsara
Ford Focus RS WRC 06

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Schovej komentáře jezdců
Na RZJménoKomentáře jezdců
22Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanThe game is over((( I wanted to keep my 3d place, but my PC is dont wanted that...I\'m dont happy((( But - BIG Thanks for everyone!! Good fight, good champ!!GL for all!!
22Russian Federation CHIROKOV VladimirThenks all!!!!!!!
22Polsko GORALIK Lukasz2x360
22Švédkso HENRIKSSON Urbansafe rally . i wanna be 3rd in the LT-cup in s2000.and i fixed it.thanks for the LT-cup.and nice drive all in NSM and Chekin on 2 place in the cup.
22Švédkso HULT TobiasThat was probably the toughest stage of the year, really tricky with those wet gravel tyres. I made 3 spins but I am happy to finish this stage. Good rally considering the driving but the result is very bad. Good luck everyone and GO NSM!!!
22Lithuania JONAITIS Jonisumm.finisas,bet nieko nesupratau kas, kaip kur kada ir kodel.aciu
22Ukrajina KEVLYUK SashaVery interesting))
22Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonmda....idiot ((doxodilsya
22Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Sergey((
22Česká republika KRYGLER Januff difficult last stage of the year... thanks for a whole season, although i didnt participated on every race.
22Česká republika KUBINI VladimirNice. Thanks for rallye!!
22Lithuania LAPINSKAS RemigijusFinisH.Second day was very bad for me.I lost a lot of time.Third day was better.Thanks organizators for good championship.
22Česká republika LESSUS TomasWorst joke ever, rims only..
22Švédkso LINDBERG Tommieno grip at all, and also one c4h.. but overall decent rally for me, really fun stages! Thanks organizers! GO NSM GOOOO!!!
22Švédkso LUNDBERG EliasReally bad day for me, CFH on this stage. If Ivan don\'t make any misstakes hes going to win. Good Luck everybody !
22Česká republika PTACEK MartinHard work last SS, but I am here. Thx for rally a next year will see.
22Lithuania RALLY Gurufucking cheaters ... One spin no grip tyres wet . Sad that its posible :(
22Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI BartoszIt Was nice to start here 1st leg went so bad, SupeRally. Second leg was good. Good times I Was happy. Third leg, some mistakes but good to finish It. Not my rally at all but It was nice training : ) Thanks all for fight in some stages, but all rally gone cause of SR : )
22Česká republika TOMECEK Liborthank organizer !!! penalty 2etap !!!!! +5min !!!!!!
21Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonmda uj
21Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasno rythm at all today ...
21Lithuania RALLY Guruok -safe. JUst game pad with automatic gearbox, camera in side and only coodriver spech - no fuking helps... - F*** all ceaters :)P
20Lithuania JONAITIS Jonisnieko nesuprantu
20Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Anton(( vineslo
19Russian Federation CHEKIN Ivanmy car is damages((
19Polsko GORALIK Lukasz...crash
19Lithuania JONAITIS Jonisjausmas toks kaip po poevas su slikais lakstyti :(
19Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonex (( ne dognal
19Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasbig off ....
19Lithuania RALLY Guruspin
18Russian Federation CHEKIN Ivan Many big crash!!!((( Its not my rhythm...Its a max attack...and I dont made it((( Very bad...
18Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonok, finiw
18Česká republika LESSUS TomasSick pacenotes
18Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliashit a tree so im happy to finish this stage
18Ukrajina RAEVSKIY SergeyNo radiator. On 6 gear try to finish. We will see.
18Lithuania RALLY Gurusafe
18Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI Bartoszvery very slippery, i lost some time I buried my car and then the engine temperature was growing. I dont know that i can finish that leg : (
18Latvia TIKUMS Elmarsthx for all... i hate this track
17Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanHi all!! I had a 2 big mistakes...2 offs...its a problem with my PC(((( But I want to push
17Russian Federation CHIROKOV VladimirHi
17Polsko GORALIK LukaszSafely to thr finish line.
17Švédkso HULT TobiasHi all, good luck :)
17Lithuania JONAITIS Jonishi
17Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonhi all )) Teryat ne4ego,budu Valitb na vse deN`gi
17Česká republika KRYGLER Janmany times off
17Česká republika KUBINI VladimirHi
17Lithuania KULIKAUSKAS RobertasKaip apsirikta su padangomis. Neimanoma vaziuoti :(
17Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasi hope i picked the right tires now
17Česká republika PTACEK MartinJust rally finish.
17Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI BartoszIt was slippery so i drive safe
17Česká republika SOPIK Miradivaci !!!! to je zacatek !!!
17Latvia TIKUMS ElmarsNot my day :( all splits whit chrach :(
17Česká republika TOMECEK Liborhi
16Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanBad day for me...I dont can to concantrating and keep safe rhythm... And NOT RIGHT PENALTY OF PLAGIN!!! Lost 15 sec(((( But good fight and I happy to finish 2nd day!! GL for all and see you
16Russian Federation CHIROKOV VladimirOK!
16Švédkso HENRIKSSON UrbanI drive safe all stages and the tyres was 41/45. GO NSM GO !
16Švédkso HULT TobiasTyres were 95/99. I am happy with day 2, good times and no mistakes but it doesnt matter because I am out of the fight after that problem in day 1 :/ Good luck everyone and GO NSM!!!
16Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Sergeyok
16Lithuania KULIKAUSKAS RobertasOK
16Česká republika LESSUS TomasGood fun, just lost the battle partner :-) Tyres 90/100
16Švédkso LINDBERG Tommiecrazy leg, big crash on first stage of the day and the car was not behaving as it should for the whole day :/ but still good to be here :) GO NSM GOOOO!!!!!!
16Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliassafe day with no crashes just small misstake. Good luck and GO NSM!!
16Česká republika NOVOSAD Rostapneu na stoprocent sjete.
16Česká republika PTACEK MartinTyres 100prc. Ok, good day for me, there were not many mistakes and next Leg bye.
16Lithuania RALLY GuruIce show..
16Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI BartoszIt was really good day for me Im happy from that leg. Unfortunately all fight is gone cause of day 1 mistakes. Im happy from finish, really hard, my tires was completely damaged, but car is good for now. Good conditions. See u in 3th leg :)))
16Česká republika TOMECEK Liborza co dostavam tu penale !!! why ? penalty ?
16Lithuania VAI TomyjusUNBILIEVEBLE...
15Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanPenalty??? For what??? I send replay to the plagin((((
15Švédkso HULT Tobiasslippery, I drove wide in every hairpin because I always get cutting penalty on this stage otherwise :/
15Česká republika KUBINI VladimirLibore, to je pakarna na tech soto mediich, co ???
15Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasno grip at all!
15Ukrajina PIDLUSKY Oleksandrpenalty?
15Česká republika PTACEK MartinTotal ice....
15Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI Bartoszveeery hard, tricky and slippery ;)
15Česká republika TOMECEK Liborpenale ????? !!!!!! za co ? proc ?
14Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanVery safe!! and clean))
14Italy DEL PRETE EmanueleBig problem with the engine
14Česká republika KUBINI VladimirElmars - pity
14Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliassafe but ok
14Česká republika PTACEK MartinTyres are totaly damage.
14Lithuania RALLY Guruslow slipery without concentration
14Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI Bartoszsome seconds losted
14Latvia TIKUMS Elmars...
14Russian Federation TITOV Yuriy3 vileta( Poteryano ochen\' mnogo( Koles net!
13Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanLost some times on the 1st split...two mistakes, after that not to push, try to keep my rhythm!!
13Švédkso HULT Tobiasit is starting to get really slippery :/
13Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonnax. vilet. rezini net
13Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasok but slippery
13Česká republika PTACEK Martin2x crises.....uf, uf.
13Latvia TIKUMS Elmarsslipery
12Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanBetter than 1st once...but more slippery))
12Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonok, skolzko
12Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasnot good, spin
12Česká republika PTACEK Martinok...
12Lithuania RALLY Guruok
12Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI Bartoszsome mistakes here
11Russian Federation CHEKIN Ivannot bad...I dont to push
11Švédkso HULT Tobiasok
11Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonok
11Česká republika KUBINI Vladimircar has power, bad setup ...
11Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliassafe
11Česká republika PTACEK MartinOut...lost 3-4s.
11Lithuania RALLY Gurutroubles from outside game lost him slef 7+ sec
11Latvia TIKUMS ElmarsFalsestart and then 2x big mistakes :(
11Lithuania VAI Tomyjusloots of mistakes...
10Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanHi all!! Classi stages of GB its not my))) Little bit slippery
10Russian Federation CHIROKOV VladimirHi All!!!
10Švédkso HULT TobiasHi all, good luck :)
10Lithuania JONAITIS Joniseina......
10Russian Federation KOCHETKOV smogu otigratb...vsem privet
10Česká republika KRYGLER Jancrash
10Česká republika KUBINI VladimirHi, very slow ...
10Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasoff
10Česká republika PTACEK cut. Gl everybody.
10Lithuania RALLY Gurulost himself 10 sec
10Česká republika SOPIK Mirapane boze ja su kokot
10Latvia TIKUMS Elmarssafely
10Česká republika TOMECEK Liborhi
10Lithuania VAI Tomyjusbroke the radiator...
9Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanVau))) not change a tyres??)))! very intresting))) been slippery))) my tyres 16/18!! Not good for nice fight!! And again i maked mistake on last split...very hard to push!! But good day for job is well and I\'m happy!! See you
9Russian Federation DONSKOY Igorthx
9Švédkso HENRIKSSON Urbanoff. try to drive safe this rally. tire in this service was 20/13.GO NSM GO !!!
9Švédkso HULT TobiasThe times have been very good, just sad about that problem :/ Good luck everyone and GO NSM!!!
9Lithuania JONAITIS Jonisstogas ir motoriukas uzgeso...sekmes likusiems
9Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonvery bad 1st day. Very much time to lose. Very much. (((
9Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Sergeynormalek
9Česká republika KUBINI Vladimirnejdou vymenit pneu a mam je dost orvany - jinak OK
9Lithuania LAPINSKAS Remigijuspaskutiniam dope kliudziau medi.O taip neblogai vaziavosi
9Česká republika LESSUS TomasPB:D Thanks for race I like UK. GO NSM!
9Švédkso LINDBERG Tommieok good day! feels good to be back in RBR-LT, and i always enjoy Wales roads :D GO NSM GOOOO!!!
9Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasterrible stage for me again
9Česká republika NOVOSAD Rostaok prvni etapa bez pencle to je dulezite
9Česká republika PTACEK MartinAjaj....tyres 44/50. Next Leg will be hard. Lukasz drove as Sebastian .-)
9Lithuania RALLY Guruok - neleido keisti padangu - idomiai cia . SIai p gerai sudirbo padangu ir setupo duetas - sekmes kitiems. As savo laikais patenkintas kaip be treniruociu po 2-3 savaiciu pertraukos bus gerai :)
9Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI BartoszIm not happy from this leg, It was good but I have really bad luck in the jump in SS 4 and I crashed, I have superally now. We gonna see other legs but for now its terrible
9Česká republika SOPIK Mirazase v hodinach + mimo
9Latvia TIKUMS ElmarsVladimir- nice race :D
9Česká republika TOMECEK LiborVlcaku ! pekny souboje !!! cau ve 2 etape !!!
9Lithuania VAI Tomyjuskol kas suvaziuota visai nebogai.
8Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanAgain mistakes in last split...lost one moment)) But very hot on the stages!! Nice...
8Švédkso HULT Tobiasok
8Lithuania JONAITIS Jonisviskas puse velnio sakyciau
8Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Anton((
8Lithuania KRIUKA LinasSita rali ilgai prisiminsiu, tokiu dalyku prikreciau :D
8Česká republika LESSUS TomasSpin
8Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasundersteering a lot !
8Česká republika PTACEK MartinLukasz drive as robot...... so so regularly :-)
8Lithuania RALLY Gurudar maziau rizikavau
8Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI BartoszMistake
8Česká republika SOPIK Mirave vracaku moooc dlouhy
8Latvia TIKUMS Elmarsvery nice- results are very intresting ;)
7Russian Federation CHEKIN Ivan50/50))) I try to push...but my rhythm is not good...but clean and safely! Nice battle
7Švédkso HJERPE JimHAHA! well, thats sorted then.
7Švédkso HULT Tobiasgood, but my rally is over :(
7Lithuania JONAITIS Joniskurmi, kaip slidu...
7Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonppc ((( 1st day lose all
7Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Sergeyout v tom je meste..
7Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasok
7Česká republika NOVOSAD Rostapred cilem jsem to pretocil
7Česká republika PTACEK MartinBetter time....but not so much.
7Lithuania RALLY Gurusome scary moments
7Lithuania ROKAS Ravinskissusikti medziai per kuriuose negalima isvaziuoti
7Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI Bartoszvery bad, so much mistakes. Im not happy from suspension, in SS4 i crashed cause of bad jump
7Česká republika SOPIK Mirana jistotu
7Latvia TIKUMS Elmarsi hate this track,
7Russian Federation TITOV Yuriy2 vileta(
7Česká republika VECERA Lukasno:(
6Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanGood rhythm, but headgasket is little bit damages)))
6Švédkso HENRIKSSON Urbanhit tree and spin.
6Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antongear actuator dead (((
6Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasreally really bad stage, roll, off x2
6Česká republika PTACEK MartinAgain out 2.split......nice Lukasz.
6Lithuania RALLY Guruokai - ne per greiciausiai bet iki finiso atriedejau
6Česká republika SOPIK Miramimo trat a hodiny
6Latvia TIKUMS ElmarsFinish whit rollower :D
6Russian Federation TITOV Yuriyperevorot(
5Russian Federation CHEKIN Ivanok! some safe, some push))
5Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonvilet +45sek help ((( Bad Etap for me...lose all
5Česká republika PTACEK MartinThat is pitty about Adrian :-(
5Lithuania RALLY Gurube rizikos
5Česká republika SOPIK Mirahodiny
5Latvia TIKUMS Elmarswow nice
5Russian Federation TITOV Yuriy2 vileta(
4Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanSome small mistakes...very nice stage!!
4Latvia DADZITIS Dinarsc4h :( for me rally is over :(
4Švédkso HJERPE Jimaah.. Such a beginners mistake, went a bit too steep into a tight corner, and it just understeered of into a tree.. Shame, since I really was taking it safe, think that was the problem.
4Švédkso HULT TobiasI was thrown out of the game on this stage, so now I have to take SuperRally here to continue :/
4Lithuania JONAITIS Jonisnepasiseke
4Polsko KLIMAS Adrianmistakes at end
4Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Anton+1min...crash...gearbox is damage na 100%%% %
4Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Sergeyout
4Lithuania KRIUKA LinasNauja trasa man. Gera, bet nesekminga :)
4Česká republika KUBINI Vladimir+12 minor accidents
4Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasi was off and i braked too much
4Česká republika NOVOSAD Rostacouvani z lesa
4Česká republika PTACEK MartinI am not trained enough and I was out the track.
4Lithuania RALLY Guruis trecio karto pasileido trasa RBR po kreso is belekelinto - nezinau, bandysiu ryt pakeisti VGA jei tai nepades mesiu ta reikiala is vis...
4Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI Bartoszso not this time
4Česká republika SOPIK Mirazasprajcoval jsem se v lese !!! cca 15 s
4Latvia TIKUMS ElmarsI hate my co-driver!!!! 2x big craches and lost ~30 sec. :(
4Česká republika VECERA Lukas:( stupid mistake on my favourite stage:(
3Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanBig misatakes near the finish in 90left...lost some time!! But gooood fight))
3Švédkso HULT Tobiasok
3Lithuania JONAITIS Jonislaiko uzteko
3Polsko KLIMAS Adriangood battle
3Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antonvery bad, service 40min
3Lithuania KRIUKA LinasMeh..
3Lithuania LAPINSKAS Remigijusviskas sutvarkyta,neteko ilgai vargti mechanikams
3Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasreally slippery stage, no rythm
3Česká republika PTACEK MartinVery good battle :-) Tyres 20/30.
3Lithuania RALLY Guruok
3Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI BartoszIts ok for now, good setup, good weather so good tires : )
3Latvia TIKUMS ElmarsOMG.... soo slow
2Russian Federation CHEKIN Ivanbetter!! Try to push
2Latvia DADZITIS Dinars3 x time out of track :(
2Švédkso HJERPE Jimtaking it very easy and steady, thought i was going to be more behind?
2Švédkso HULT TobiasSomething is wrong with my computer, the game stopped severel times on this stage :/
2Lithuania JONAITIS Jonisbe ziurovu pagalbo niekaip
2Russian Federation KOCHETKOV Antoncrash i vilet... lost 20sek minimum
2Lithuania KRIUKA LinasPagrybavau
2Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasok
2Česká republika PTACEK MartinWell crack .-)
2Lithuania RALLY Guruso f**ing realistic as always S2000 :D
2Russian Federation SOLDAKOV Ilyavilet +3 sek
2Česká republika SOPIK Miranormalni kokot
2Latvia TIKUMS Elmarssome offs but result OK
2Česká republika UHER Tomasbyl sem ve skarpe..
1Russian Federation CHEKIN IvanHi all!! Safe start
1Polsko GORALIK Lukaszcrash
1Švédkso HENRIKSSON Urbanhi all and gl.
1Švédkso HJERPE JimHi! Didnt feel good at all, lets continiue and see..
1Švédkso HULT TobiasHi all, good luck :)
1Lithuania JONAITIS Jonissveiki
1Ukrajina KEVLYUK SashaNo cut)
1Polsko KLIMAS Adrianok
1Russian Federation KOCHETKOV AntonH i A l l !! ))) GL all
1Russian Federation KOCHETKOV SergeyHi all!
1Lithuania KRIUKA LinasHi
1Česká republika KRYGLER Janfuck me
1Česká republika KUBINI VladimirHi all
1Lithuania LAPINSKAS RemigijusSveiki.
1Švédkso LUNDBERG Eliasi am really bad at this sort of stages
1Španělsko MARZOA JuanHi all
1Lithuania OKAS GvidasSturmanas biski stenogramos neuzskaite tai i krumus uzlekiau :D
1Česká republika PTACEK MartinHello
1Ukrajina RAEVSKIY SergeyDefault settings ((
1Polsko RZEMIENIEWSKI Bartoszhello ;d
1Russian Federation SHIMAN Alexanderwithout cut... but 2:47 impossible wihout cut
1Germany STEINBERG Kurtno to se na to muzu 1,2,3...
1Latvia TIKUMS Elmarsfuuu, its will be hard race :)
1Česká republika TOMECEK LiborHi all
1Česká republika UHER TomasPo dlouhe dobe s evem..
1Česká republika VECERA Lukashello

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